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5,10) The true incidence of positive lymph nodes in patients with renal AML or minimal fat renal AML remains unknown, because regional lymph nodes dissection is rarely performed with this tumour type.
So, in December the minimal payment will amount UAH 774 for a child aged under 6, UAH 964 for a child aged from 6 to 18.
If T is a transversal in H and if no proper subset of T is a transversal in H, then T is called a minimal transversal in H.
The Roles of Minimal Risk in the Tri-Council Policy Statement
Research that poses no more than minimal risk to research participants is permitted some leniency on these requirements.
This two-dimensional plane is the simplest example of a minimal surface that is infinite in extent and not an endless repetition of some basic shape.
The minimal acupuncture sessions lasted eight weeks.
At 8 weeks, response rates, defined as at least a 50% improvement on the Western Ontario and McMaster Universities Osteoarthritis Index (WOMAC), were 52% in the acupuncture group, 28% in the minimal acupuncture group, and 3% in the wait-list group.
Administration appeals decision on minimal risk cattle case: The Department of Justice last week appealed an earlier decision by a U.
Minimal streak and scratch potential on rough base sheet