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In order to apply the minimality attack, the adversary uses information from the published dataset to reveal the sensitive information about the user.
As far as Portuguese is concerned, two positions are assumed by the literature: on the one hand, some authors postulate the ineffectiveness of any minimality constraint in this language; oppositely, other analyses advocate MC as a mandatory constraint in the phonology of Portuguese: (1)
The axiom (GL4) of an admissible globalization is not enough to guarantee the minimality of the enveloping action and consequently the uniqueness of the globalization up to isomorphism.
The concepts supporting this dimension includes syntactical correctness, consistency, minimality, conciseness and richness.
Any environment from Label (G, x) which is a superset of some other elements in this label is deleted to ensure hypotheses minimality.
Both collaborative and popularity-based feature selection help to identify questions of relevance for the user but do not take into account minimality in terms of the number of questions needed (Mirzadeh and Ricci 2007).
Moreover, we remark that the equality case of the improved inequality for the invariant R does not imply the minimality of the Legendrian submanifold.
6) The conceptual normalization transforms various constructs and gives expressiveness, simplicity, minimality and extensibility of conceptual schema.
Now, the minimality of [phi](b) and the fact that c [member of] B since B is a subtractive subsemimodule of A will imply the desired result.
The using of the minimality of f(n, 2): The immediate part of the generalized Fermat induction) Suppose that Theorem 2 is false, and let (n, f (n))be a counter-example to Theorem 2 with n minimum and f(n, 2) minimum (such a couple exists and n [greater than or equal to] 4096 is of type 37, by using Proposition 5).
By minimality of N we can assume that c(s) = e, s [member of] S, for some fixed e [member of] ob(G).
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