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The omission or minimalization of the Jewish victims was typical of Polish Communist-era memorials; one can find similar examples at other Holocaust sites, such as the original memorials set up at Auschwitz-Birkenau and Belzec.
Even with the most felicitous structures of clash minimalization, they can leave you feeling you've missed something.
Trends we're seeing with our customers in this market are focused on minimalization.
The solid areas are decreased which leads to a bad application of toner and to minimalization of the formed background areas (Lee et al.
Even if the discussion strictly refers to the level of pre-university education, the lack of logic of the president's associations and the minimalization of the field of philosophy resulted in stupefaction among philosophy professors and several intellectuals.
Minimalization 101: how many unnecessary overheads with layers of excessive brandingand packaging that are being wasted and how to converge via aggressive digitalizationto make the operation highly streamlined, dramatically economical and focusedon key global target markets?
Researchers from a range of fields, but most often psychology, explore the concept in terms of the learning landscape of art and craft, identity and chronotype in apprenticeship learning, beyond expertise, the minimalization of subjectivity in mainstream psychological research, remembering Mao, qualitative interviewing as a moral enterprise, and the importance of thinking about qualitative research instead of just doing it.
Considering that a main function of hedges in research article writing is the minimalization of FTAs, following Namsaraev (1997), I have attempted to work out a ranking of hedging strategies, depending on the degree to which this minimalization of FTAs is achieved.
Irony is essential because it ensures the minimalization of an aesthetics of horror.
Tertiary prevention emphasizes the rehabilitation and the minimalization the effects of the disease.
Future studies might combine tests of both cognitive (differing schemas) and motivational (social desirability) aspects of minimalization.
In contrast, emotion-focused coping focuses on lessening emotional distress and includes strategies such as avoidance, minimalization (sic), distancing, selective attention, positive comparisons, and deriving positive values from negative events.