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When the author minimalizes her portrait and emphasizes only the power of her eyes that sends a message of some destructive force, interpreters note the symbolic role of the wind but fail to notice one of possible key interpretations of the girl's gaze, which is so very impressive throughout the story, from the moment it is first mentioned in the story to its very end as it is linked with the fate of her aged and blind father.
The statement overlooks or minimalizes the collecting and writing on early America and early Virginia by Robert Beverley, William Byrd, William Stith, Sir John Randolph, John Mercer, and Richard Bland.
He then minimalizes nationalism and points out that nomadism fights idees fixes about countries and literatures.
Lewis suggests a view of development that minimalizes the potential for lasting, deterministic effects of a child's early experiences without careful consideration of the context - individual, interpersonal, institutional, and cultural - of the child at later ages.
Adapted by Martin Sherman from his acclaimed play, the film starts off with rich, decadent atmosphere but gradually, inexorably minimalizes itself down into .
Since individual liberty minimalizes political representation, while collectivity implies the fullest political representation, indirect and direct, respectively, these extremes indicate that new ethics amounts to the crisis of representation and modern law.

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