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He also recommends equipment that minimizes shearing of material, minimizing knife jams, and making sure that a maximum amount of material enters the bale chamber prior to each stroke to minimize the number of strokes per bale to lower energy costs per ton of material.
I see every day how many paper mills neglect water treatment and management generally minimizes any capital budget related to water to unrealistic levels which are totally unrelated to the savings and advantages possible," said Len Dewhurst, director of sales, Asia region, ALGAS Fluid Technology Systems AS, Moss, Norway.
First Party DMA further minimizes rotational latency by allowing the drive to return data out-of-order.
Index funds generally have a low turnover rate, which minimizes the current taxable income distributed to shareholder.
And when the victim's trial testimony supports the defendant or minimizes the violence of his actions, the jurors may assume that if there really had been abusive behavior, the victim would not be testifying in the defendant's favor,'' the ruling said.
minimizes revisions to drawings and contract documents
However, such carbonaceous residue can be beneficial when present in lesser amounts, as they provide a reducing atmosphere that minimizes oxidation at the mold-metal interface and generally improves casting surface finish and peel.
The latest answer to the problem provides a geometrically optimal path one that minimizes the energy needed to contort the sphere through its transformation.
Careful wordsmithing minimizes the impact of criminal acts in suspects' minds.
This approach minimizes bandwidth needs while delivering a high-performance service on low-cost hardware or within a virtualized environment.
This minimizes the amount of data backed up and therefore reduces the time needed for the "backup window" making it different from differential backup.
This minimizes corrosion in the boiler "back end" (convection surfaces).