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minimus are highly susceptible to DDT which continues to be used for indoor residual spraying in high-risk areas reporting high proportions of P.
The gluteus medius and gluteus minimus are two smaller muscles that lie on the side of your hip.
The gluteus maximus muscle was smaller than on the right side; the left gluteus minimus muscle was almost completely atrophied.
The Oregon Schools Activities Association and the Board of Education refused this request, stating that it would create more than a de minimus hardship.
North Wales Bird Trust had picked up the chicks' grey-feathered father Minimus Goronwy from a lender last year after a two-year wait.
The Economic Growth and Tax Relief Act of 2001 amended the Internal Revenue Code so that "qualified retirement planning services" for employees and their spouses, when paid for by the employer, are considered to be an employer de minimus fringe benefit that is excludable from gross income and wages for employment tax purposes.
However, this didn't stop the people who drafted the annex from deciding that diversions of up to 365 million gallons annually (on average) are too small to regulate--or "De Minimus.
2] Committing a criminal act under color of law [3] represents one example of corruption, while using one's law enforcement position for a de minimus, or insignificant, private gain may not necessarily rise to what reasonable persons will call a corrupt act, though it may be corrupting.
Clark discussed the concept of De Minimus risk and how it relates to environmental regulation.
Items being incorporated include the four-year statute of limitations on overcharge complaints, luxury decontrol, and the de minimus policy so overcharges cannot be obtained for items like paint color.