minor point

References in classic literature ?
Tulkinghorn," returns Sir Leicester, "there can be no minor point between myself and Mr.
As a minor point it may be noted," he continued, fingering the rope, "that our wooden-legged friend, though a fair climber, was not a professional sailor.
And of course this is all quite a minor point compared to the question of who killed John Straker.
I pass over minor points of evidence on both sides to save time, and I ask you, if this case were to go now into a court of law--to go before a jury, bound to take facts as they reasonably appear--where are your proofs?
There are one or two minor points which were brought out in the inquest, and which are worth considering.
A relative minor point update update has reportedly been released for iOS, tvOS, and watchOS.
The only minor point is that you bought into the it's-small-so-it's-twitchy syndrome.
Not everyone in the audience is a Corrie fan but that's a minor point really.
Let me add one minor point, however, regarding Phillip Kane's comment, "A scope with a central obstruction shows a slightly larger Airy disk.
A minor point given the outcome of the game, perhaps, but still an interesting one.
In response to a minor point in Phyllis Zagano's "Self-appointed theo-bloggers are true schismatics" (NCR, July 29-Aug.
Conflicts While this may seem a minor point to non-Muslims it has been responsible for sectarian conflicts for centuries.