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I am confident that whether it is minus 5 or minus 28, it is still awfully cold.
The minimum temperature recorded on Sunday was minus 5.
Four temperature records were registered Saturday morning by Bulgaria's national weather service, as a cold wave gripped the country a the coldest spot was the town of Kazanlak with minus 14.
Large manufacturers expected the index to edge up to minus 10 in the next quarter, the survey found.
Sentiment about the overall business climate worsened for the second quarter running at minus 12% while income from both fees, commissions and premiums and from net interest, investment and trading fell by minus 15% and minus 29% respectively.
However, selling prices fell at a rate close to their long-run average (minus 13%, compared to a long-run average of minus 10%) and this, combined with falling business volumes, led to an unexpected fall in profitability (minus 19% against expectations of plus 6%).
Another reading, which reflects the corporate view of overseas demand in the future, dropped to minus 3 from minus 2.
The big freeze, that kicked in on November 24, saw temperatures drop across Teesside to as low as minus 14C in Crathorne on December 2 - equalling that being experienced in the Russian capital on the same day.
the group's index dropped by two points to minus 21.
Examining account size, only jumbo-size accounts of more than $1 million in premium remained unchanged on a month-to-month basis at minus 8 percent.
Las Vegas is the perfect city to launch Minus 5 in the United States -- it creates a great juxtaposition of a frigid, winter wonderland in the hot arid desert," said Craig Ling, president and founder of Minus 5.
He said: "We are forecast as low as minus nine, but minus five to minus seven seems to be the general consensus.