minute examination

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As a means towards his composure and self-possession, he entered into a more minute examination of the office than he had yet had time to make; looked into the wig-box, the books, and ink-bottle; untied and inspected all the papers; carved a few devices on the table with a sharp blade of Mr Brass's penknife; and wrote his name on the inside of the wooden coal-scuttle.
The possibility of a relapse would of course, in some moments, occur to remind her of what anxiety was-- but when she saw, on her frequent and minute examination, that every symptom of recovery continued, and saw Marianne at six o'clock sink into a quiet, steady, and to all appearance comfortable, sleep, she silenced every doubt.
Nothing escaped their notice; and any thing they could lay their hands on underwent the most minute examination.
This eye structure seemed remarkable in a beast whose haunts were upon a glaring field of ice and snow, and though I found upon minute examination of several that we killed that each ocellus is furnished with its own lid, and that the animal can at will close as many of the facets of his huge eyes as he chooses, yet I was positive that nature had thus equipped him because much of his life was to be spent in dark, subterranean recesses.
At nine o'clock, Lord de Winter made his customary visit, examined the window and the bars, sounded the floor and the walls, looked to the chimney and the doors, without, during this long and minute examination, he or Milady pronouncing a single word.
A minute examination of the circumstances served only to make the case more complex.
Again the jury made minute examinations, and again reported:
I then smile weakly and subject my feet to a minute examination.
Methods have also advanced dramatically, advancing from minute examination of animals through dissection of fresh and preserved cadavers (dead human bodies) to technologically complex techniques developed in the 20th century.
Most of the photos in the show reveal themselves to be equally interesting from three different viewpoints: from across the room, from 10 feet away and from nose-to-glass minute examination.
Now he and fellow editor Anne Massing have brought together twenty-five further scholars to contribute to a remarkable monograph on the Retable which documents the conservation and sets everything discovered during this minute examination in the context of the very latest art-historical research.
The exhaustive, minute by minute examination of the chaotic event showed soldiers in "a state of fear or panic", shooting dead people who were, in the main, running away from them.