minute investigation

See: indagation
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Of the others he commenced to make a close and minute investigation.
After minute investigation, the medical directors of the asylum decided that his mental disease did not amount to insanity, nor would warrant his confinement, especially as its influence upon his spirits was unfavorable, and might produce the evil which it was meant to remedy.
The close, careful, and minute investigation that he always makes in order to be sure that every dollar that he gives will do the most good--an investigation that is just as searching as if he were investing money in a business enterprise--convinces me that the growth in this direction is most encouraging.
Premier Vladimir Putin ordered a government commission to probe the causes of the tragedy, saying in a statement: Eoe1/4EoIt is necessary to launch a minute investigation, punish the culprits and discovered the causes of this monstrous disaster.
Hundreds of passengers were forced to gather outside of the New York airport during a 90 minute investigation.