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It is a history of theology as well as a history of the concept of miracle.
After nearly two days of vigil, prayer, and emotional stress, did hope of a miracle short circuit the process by which public officials, and especially the news media, are supposed to verify claims and confirm reports?
Africa currently lacks a critical mass of health professionals--people who have seen with their own eyes and experienced the miracle of a seriously ill or dying HIV-infected child restored to health by HAART.
THE PREMISE - young boy trains to run Boston Marathon to wake his cancer-stricken mother from a coma - is pure movie-of-the-week, but Michael McGowan's likable ``Saint Ralph'' sticks, for the most part, to the road less traveled, delivering a droll feel-good movie that has a little something to say about modern-day miracles.
Miracle Laser was founded in 1992 with its corporate headquarters in Wuhan, the Optical Valley of China.
This perception of a lasting impact seems to be at the heart of motivation for major miracle gift donors.
Marc Van Uytfanghe, "Pertinence et statut du miracle dans I'hagiographie merovingienne (600-750)" is three times longer than average at 78 pages, but it is easy to read, close to the primary sources, and historical.
Each religious tradition's foundational story, along with its first miracle workers, is followed by a chapter that recounts stories of later followers and saints and their miracles, usually as shadows of the miracles performed in that tradition's "golden age.
Part 2 contains a selection of primary texts providing the context of the eighteenth-century debate over miracles, including a nice selection of Hume's contemporary critics.
In his reading of miracle stories Goodich finds a mirror not only of religious belief but also of a larger social reality.
Among these miracles were the two multiplications of loaves, foreshadowing the giving of His Body and Blood at the Last Supper under the form of bread and wine.
On April 1, Rite Aid will kick off its 18th annual Miracle Balloon campaign in support of Children's Miracle Network Hospitals[R], an organization of 170 children's hospitals throughout North America.