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As species are produced and exterminated by slowly acting and still existing causes, and not by miraculous acts of creation and by catastrophes; and as the most important of all causes of organic change is one which is almost independent of altered and perhaps suddenly altered physical conditions, namely, the mutual relation of organism to organism,--the improvement of one being entailing the improvement or the extermination of others; it follows, that the amount of organic change in the fossils of consecutive formations probably serves as a fair measure of the lapse of actual time.
But in his heart he was almost awed by the miraculous cleverness of the English police.
He continues to make miraculous progress, taking a few steps in Los Angeles," the statement said.
The fact that we are within sight of the finishing line to reach the play-offs is nothing short of miraculous and a testament to the ability of Mick and Terry Connor," said Evans.
Contract notice: Demolition work portals miraculous neighborhood in albacete
Amino Acid skin care by AminoGenesis(TM) utilizes the miraculous power of the exact 17 Amino Acids that are found in our skin
Tasker, from Manorbier in Pembrokeshire, said: "It was awful to see our pilot stricken by such a terrible injury and we thought our dream was over, but John has made a miraculous recovery which is testament to his motivation and his passion for the sport.
Though "killed" by the evil Loki in last year's blockbuster Avengers Assemble, he staged a miraculous recovery and now travels the world with his small army of skilled agents, ready to intercept more gifted villains.
AMID the death and destruction in Tacloban, a small ray of light emerged with a miraculous birth.
Chief Inspector Andy Reeves, from Kent Police, said: "It is truly miraculous.
A seminal work of scholarship, "Record of Miraculous Events in Japan" will prove to be invaluable to students of Buddhism and a unique, cored addition to academic library Buddhist Studies reference collections and supplemental reading lists.
My last CAT scan, my doctor at the CAT scan and everyone who sees this says that this is miraculous, absolutely miraculous,'' Franklin said in a phone interview with The Associated Press on Tuesday.