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Later at the Brewers game, the sound of near death reverberated throughout the stadium as I held my baby swaddled in the miraculousness of resurrection.
Tenth Universal Conference on the Scientific Miraculousness in Qur'an and Sunnah was concluded here Sunday.
Ajman University of Science and Technology symposium "The Scientific Miraculousness of the Holy Quran: Creation of the Human"
This is symptomatic of the bishops' discursive mode: miraculousness suggests that the more mundane process involved in the Prince of Wales's training and education, his coming to maturity over time in a particular context, will be suppressed in favor of the notion of dramatic incipience, a useful rhetoric in the rationalizing of policies.
The intense and literal supernaturalism of the period is displayed in four texts published between 1695 and 1727 that focus on various aspects of miraculousness.
What marks the miraculousness of the contemporary American scene may be less the emergence of the Negro author than the fact that he or she "has come into the range of vision of the American public eye" (Johnson, "Double Audience" 408).
And it is not striving to reform only a private heart and an individual conscience; it is striving to cure with the medicines of the Qur'an and belief in the Qur'an's miraculousness the collective heart and generally-held ideas, which have been breached in awesome fashion by the tools of corruption prepared and stored up over a thousand years, and the general conscience, which is facing corruption through the destruction of the foundations, currents, and marks (sha ir) of Islam which are the refuge of all and particularly of the common believers.