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Life has become like that great Grimpen Mire, with little green patches everywhere into which one may sink and with no guide to point the track.
As they approached the mire, Ajor held forth her arms and cried, "Jor, my chief
The Ox was drawn, first, from the mire, and, next, from his skin.
It was as if God's World had fallen into the muck mire of the abyss underlying the bottom of hell; as if Jehovah's Commandments had been presented on carved stone to the monkeys of the monkey cage at the Zoo; as if the Sermon on the Mount had been preached in a roaring bedlam of lunatics.
Undoubtedly, since so much could be enclosed in so little a thing as the foundation stone of a public building, this enormous sphere should contain vast histories, profounds of research achieved beyond man's wildest guesses, laws and formulae that, easily mastered, would make man's life on earth, individual and collective, spring up from its present mire to inconceivable heights of purity and power.
But I think (I cannot prove), I think that it was while they stuck there in the bloody mire that someone doubted-- and someone guessed.
Mire is accused of punching his victim to the ground and repeatedly kicking him before taking hold of the victim's head and cutting a 12 centimetre (five inch) wound in his neck.
Mire, of Leytonstone, appeared at Westminster magistrates court in Central London yesterday charged with attempted murder of a 56-year-old man in East London around 7pm on Saturday
One of the victims, who was taken to hospital, and required an eye operation, has permanent residual damage as a result of the attack Mohamoud, of Loudoun Square, Butetown, and Mire, of Angelina Street, Butetown, were both sentenced to nine months' jail, suspended for two years.
Brendan Taylor and Mire each hit a fifty and put 106 runs for the fourth wicket to give them some hope but brought the hosts back into the contest again.
On DIAL "M" FOR MUCK, Muck and the Mires expand these influences to include hints of 60'S BUBBLE GUM, 70S POWERPOP and even A LITTLE BIT O' SOUL!