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Like Alfaisal University, OCW content has been installed at a small number of mirror sites at educational institutions, and evaluation data show that these mirror sites are having a significant positive impact on teaching and learning in regions where these mirror sites are set up.
Due to technical difficulties, it has become necessary for us to create a mirror site to access all editions of BAO journals published since loss of our webmaster.
A html mirror site is also be included to guarantee the site is available to all.
Technology limits the range in which a synchronous mirror site can be located.
But where do the tapes go if you don't have a mirror site and the original site loses power?
For example, if a file becomes corrupted, the system can locate a copy on a mirror site and replace the damaged file.
Potsdam will mirror all of BioMed Central's open access research articles, making use of the publisher's Open Archives interface to keep the mirror site up-to-date.
The instructions aren't terribly coherent to users not versed in code, but in essence the program allows you to make your own mirror site of your target, then replace selected words and graphics with words and graphics of your own.
The website also hosts a mirror site from the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR).
The centre exchanges information with counterparts world-wide, and hosts a mirror site for relaying information gathered by an International Y2K Cooperation Centre (IY2KCC*) in Washington.
The Swedish AltaVista mirror site known as AltaVista Northern Europe, formerly run by Telia, is no more.
Enhancements to Maven Central will begin October 19th when the mirror site in Europe will go live.