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multiView snapshots of mirrored data may be created at both the local and remote sites, are a fraction of the size of the original volume, and enable copies of production data to be used with key tasks such as backup, restore, application testing and data warehouse updates while production applications remain online and fully available.
This Last Block Changed technique not only reduces the amount of data that must be mirrored, but also ensures that both sites will have consistent copies of data between sites, even if the data arrives out of sequence.
However, because the iSCSI switch is in the network layer, it can create and maintain mirrored partners/ volumes anywhere within the network, indifferent to traditional physical limitation such as enclosures and distance.
With SAN-based solutions, data is mirrored between two storage arrays rather than between two servers.
This article compares the availability, performance and cost characteristics of 36GB-4 drivestriped parity (RAID-5) to 146GB-drive mirrored arrays.
Now firms with international messages and marketing exposure can have a corporate Web site based in the United States, and have the content automatically mirrored on servers strategically located throughout the world.