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One mirthfully surmises a relationship between the parts of the creature, and naturally, how they would compromise to have success in both hunting and smashing.
Bacall is receiving raves for her portrayal of Barbra Streisand's mirthfully monstrous, vain mother in ``The Mirror Has Two Faces,'' and has a smaller role as a former first lady in the Jack Lemmon-James Garner comedy ``My Fellow Americans,'' coming out at Christmas.
Taterimchi paused and swallowed mirthfully with his veined throat, "I say, Jemshidjan .
In a word, the proposals before the Subcommittee epitomize "hyperlexis"--excessive complexity in the law--which has been mirthfully defined as "a pathological condition caused by an overactive law-making gland.
In a widely and mirthfully recounted incident in one village, when the signal drum was struck, the banjar assembled in the house compound of the deceased.
But before mirthfully joining in the "Saturday Night Live" comic concept of bees with more zingers than stingers, note that the U.