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1 Norbit EDDIE Murphy returns to his comic roots, donning a latex body suit to play three characters in this crude and mirthless comedy.
Catfights ensue in shrill, one joke, mirthless comedy Mr & Mrs Smith (15) Basically Wars of the Roses with more firepower, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie play it knowingly tongue in cheek as the husband and wife unaware that each is a contract killer for rival agencies - until they become each other's next target.
In a nutshell: Foxworthy is frequently ribbed tonight for his lousy acting abilities, but he's fairly convincing pretending he finds the mirthless quips hilarious.
VAMPIRES SUCK Cert 12A, 82mins Starring: Jenn Proske, Matt Lander, Dietrich Bader The team behind Date Movie, Disaster Movie and Meet The Spartans deliver another mirthless movie satire, this time sending up the Twilight series.
In cinemas from Friday comes the 2007 version - a mirthless, charmless, shapeless, prettymucheverythingless slog.
Then, a mirthless moment of silence while Wright and Dixon stared at their shoes.
Mirthless slapstick ensues before the sudden change of heart and inevitable hug ending.
The closing credits' mirthless outtake reel indicates that whole subplots were cut.
The 2010 event at Celtic Manor near Cardiff will be held from October 1-3, but Faldo's mirthless humour will not have had the Wales Tourist Board laughing as they hope to attract up to 10,000 US fans to the event.
There are people after him, and a series of mirthless scenes to labour through joylessly.
They interrupt sporting fixtures, thus enabling the subsequent release of mirthless compilation videos.
So, like any domesticated animal, he quickly picked uphow to please his masters and he did his best to oblige, from that mirthless shoulder-heaving laugh to the meaningless catch phrase.