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A prime suspect is the insured's broker, who may have breached a duty of care by inadequately investigating the insurer's financial strength at the outset, not advising or misadvising the insured about the risks of insolvency, or not recognizing warning signs of the insurer's financial distress.
US Ambassador to Kenya Robert Godec has lost the confidence of the opposition and has often been accused of bias and misadvising Washington on the Kenyan crisis and the impact of the protracted standoff.
For the last one year, he had been accused by sections of citizens in South Sudan and Uganda Parliament as a man who encourages crises in the South Sudan's ruling SPLM party internal affairs as he has been allged of misadvising South Sudanese President Salva Kiir to listen to no one but believing in military might of the Uganda People's Defence Forces to back up the latter's own military guards against any internal political critics.