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And given the stated meaning of the play, in terms of houses and destruction, misalliance and eugenics, what we find is a monstrous predestinarian politics.
Harry: Thanks, Karen, but I see that the social work profession and social work education over these past 50 years has become increasingly engaged in a triple misalliance, the elements of which are science and empiricism in professional education, psychotherapy, and private practice.
In this misalliance, Cunningham emerged as a curiously chaste bride-groom.
Watkins (1993) Culture and Economic Approaches to Fertility: Proper Marriage or Misalliance.
George Bernard Shaw had it in Misalliance (1910) that "there's a wall ten feet thick and ten miles high between parent and child,"(15) and prescriptively: "No man should know his own child.
This year's are Twelfth Night, Volpone, Hamlet, Death of a Salesman, Misalliance, and The Taming of the Shrew.
Also scheduled in another theatre are George Bernard Shaw's Misalliance, Arthur Miller's Death of a Salesman, and Shakespeare's The Taming of the Shrew.
THOMAS ARGIRO CONCLUDES HIS SPECULATIONS ABOUT A SEXUAL relationship between Emily Grierson and her servant Tobe by wondering whether Faulkner himself considers sex between whites and blacks as unnatural, or is instead exposing the "perverse" expedients to which members of a racist society may be driven when sexual desire conflicts with community mores: is Faulkner "casting the possibility for an interracial romance in intrinsically abject terms, or, rather suggesting that the culture's own obsessions have ironically forced something unnatural, this strange misalliance between Emily and Tobe"?
Early on Austen portrays the romantic and ideological tension that unfolds between Mary Crawford and Edmund Bertram, first over the matter of Edmund's coming ordination, then over the production of Lovers' \ Vows, and finally because of their divergent views on the contretemps of Henry Crawford's misalliance with Maria Bertram Rushworth.
Poetry is misunderstanding, misinterpretation, misalliance.
An inevitable misalliance of church and monarchy when the Last Supper becomes involved with a royal banquet.