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Studies showed that depression and schizoid is more in smart teenagers, also hysteric, misanthropy, mania and social introspection is low in smart teenagers.
It is intriguing that in both plays, the banquet where Timon attacks his flatterers demonstrates a moment where an individual is not in control of his body and both banquets conclude with a descent into misanthropy.
Can radical misanthropy unearth the seeds of universalism?
The gloating at the warriors' faces battered into mummy may be put down to Gulliver's misanthropy, by now a bit unhinged, but it crackles with a serves-them-right satisfaction that is consistent with the words about destroying the Yahoos from the face of the earth, and there is a clear sense that Swift is adjusting the distance between himself and his speaker to take account of this.
On the racecourse Ubedizzy - trained in Middleham by Steve Nesbitt - was a class act who finished fourth in a Nunthorpe Stakes, although his innate misanthropy was never far from the surface.
Rekdal may be flirting with misanthropy here, but flirtation is as far as she is willing to go.
In the story, which traffics in the ghastly-funny misanthropy that is the specialty of Neil LaBute, a doctoral candidate and his angry former roommate engage in an escalating battle of wills when she refuses to return his copy of Little Dorrit, which contains the notes for his thesis.
Gradually, you tend to forget yourself, to forget the child that made you who you are, and with cynicism comes an intense torrent of other ailments: nihilism, misanthropy, fear, faithlessness and anguish.
But there is another, more general (and more generally shared) cause of Georg Lethem the younger's cynicism, misanthropy, atheism, bitterness, hatred for the father, and general hopelessness, and that is World War I.
If you want speed, comfort, sleep, or have any trace of misanthropy in your character, Amtrak is not for you.
Or maybe I believe there's a good kind of misanthropy, a humanistic kind.
On the other hand, such observations make it clear that the abovementioned classical liberal authors could not possibly refer to the kind of selfishness just considered, since, far from promoting the benefits of commerce and entrepreneurship, it encourages misanthropy, autarky and isolationism.