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Jenny Nishida of OTS FCU pleaded guilty to the charge of embezzlement and misapplication of funds.
This will eliminate the creation of new meanings for already defined terms, will minimize misapplication of controls terminology and will eliminate the need for customized glossaries and terminology sections.
15 to 24 months in prison for the two felonies to which he pleaded guilty last summer: conspiracy to bribe a bank officer and misapplication of bank funds.
The new vehicle is equipped with improved safety technology to help avoid crashes, as well as a system that automatically applies the brake in the event of pedal misapplication in a parking space.
Deliberate underperformance, withdrawal from a contest and intentional misapplication of the rules by referees, umpires or officials would all be deemed illegal under the new laws.
Alfa Telecom" CEO Azamat Murzaliev is accused under articles of the Criminal Code on misappropriation or misapplication of entrusted property, office abuse, large scale fraud.
In the special leave petition filed through counsel Senthil Jagadeesan, Jagan submitted there was complete misapplication of the principles of governing bail jurisprudence by the high court, leading to deprivation of his right to liberty.
By improving signal processing technology of vehicle-equipped cameras which helps enable the detection of people, other vehicles, road and obstacles around the vehicle, the Acceleration Suppression for Pedal Misapplication and Multi-Sensing System with Rear Camera help drivers to take avoidance behavior before an accident might occur.
Lawyers for Mr Taggart claimed in the High Court there was a potential misapplication of policy.
But the misapplication of the rules is another thing altogether.
The governor reportedly revealed that all departments under her authority will have to co-operate with law enforcement agencies over queries involving the alleged misapplication of funds to allow the matter to take its course through court action.
Rather it seems obvious that the misapplication of torture should be far less troubling to us than collateral damage.