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Several interleaves focus on ways that science can go wrong when concepts are misapplied.
It may be that men excessively stretch an unrolled condom to place it on their penis, and that unrolled condoms are often misapplied and prone to friction and breakage.
released new research at a panel discussion at Hudson Institute today showing how misapplied bond ratings can lead to problems in the markets for mortgage-backed securities (MBS) and collateralized debt obligations (CDOs).
If the issue is a misapplied payment (such as a Form 941 issue), an e-mail will trigger notification of a fix within two days.
The Appellate Court applied the Roth Steel factors (Roth Steel Tube Company v Commissioner, 800 F2d 625) that it had developed in a prior debt/equity decision and, in a split decision, determined that the Tax Court bad ignored some of those factors and misapplied others.
SDK claimed that the court misapplied EU guidelines for establishing fines acting as an effective deterrent, by basing calculations on its worldwide turnover, as well as making other legal errors, such as infringing its rights to due process.
Providing an in-depth analysis and study of immaturity relating to certain character disorders and their roots in excessive comfort, control, and misapplied power, The Character Clock explains to parents and caregivers how immature behavior can become destructive, baby behavior can become addictive, particular cases of disorderly children have only their parents to face for explanation.
However much she lack in Christian charity, she had a full measure of misapplied faith.
Detecting costly under fills, over fills and missing or misapplied closures, the Inscan[R] X-Ray Inspection System--available exclusively from Thermo Electron Corporation offers a safe, and highly accurate measurement and quality control solution for beverage lines.
An investigation by the Office of Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight found that Fannie Mae systematically misapplied generally accepted accounting practices and manipulated earnings reports to maintain an aura of stability.
Although we support efforts to decrease paperwork, we regret that the authority granted in the proposal may be misapplied to require taxpayers to file for extensions electronically.
Even the best technology, when misapplied, can lead to inefficiencies, non value-added activities, and economic loss.