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To attribute this gap to the contingent failings of a particular mode of expression, as the king in the Phaedrus does when he condemns writing for its potential distortion of a speaker's intentions, is to misapprehend it.
If la vraisemblance represents a seventeenth-century form of ideology, it is perhaps not because "l'opinion du public" merely governs its function as Genette proposes, but because it postulates a structure of cultural narrative that causes social actors to misapprehend contingent events as universal truths.
They magically misapprehend the world (by pretending that the object is absolutely and all at once there).
Now, to excoriate the left for not being on the winning side, as determined by Harris and Gallup, is to seriously misapprehend what a "left" can be.
But the pejorative term cult probably got in the federal agents' way, allowing them to brand him a kook and misapprehend his weird but formidable notions.
Because of attention problems or delays in processing verbal information, the child may misapprehend the contingency underlying this reinforcement, causing disruptions in the learning process.
Thus, the final question of this Note must be left open for the reader: Does the American common law of religious societies misapprehend reality?
Parties to the sale who believe an audit will settle matters misapprehend the accountant's basic role: The issuer - whether buyer or seller - always has the underlying responsibility for the financial statements and the accounting principles used, with all the associated opportunities to affect the results.
The slippery slope of his self-serving rage is that, on top of having bare knowledge of our history, now we must also misapprehend its ethics [H]is rage misreads our history as blind nationalism.
The Leveretts both misread the Iranian regime and misapprehend U.
In order to use World War II as a model by which to justify the illegal and strategically disastrous actions of the current administration, Du Gard is compelled to misapprehend history.
They in turn misapprehend Jamal as "Sir Skywalker," the Moorish herald of a nobleman engaged to marry the king's randy daughter, Princess Regina (Jeannette Weegar).