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6) Ultimately, this odd belief that the "degree of responsibility" of the offender is likely to be identified with his or her subjective feeling of unworthiness leads Fletcher into seriously misapprehending the retributive theory of punishment.
This problem is more than a passing curiosity since if the pursuit of the human good is determined by our creation in the divine image, then to insist upon a naturalistic understanding of the human person as a guide for education commits us from the start to misapprehending ourselves and the good at which our nature is aimed.
life experiences, demographics, or personality traits), it has also been recognized that the importance of the entrepreneur's psychological strengths and capacities should not be ignored, lest we "run the risk of missing or misapprehending the soul of the process" (Herron and Sapienza, 1992: 50).
telecommunications carriers, misapprehending the language and intent of