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They were concerned that if crooks could misappropriate public monies because of their inattention, they had little or no statutory liability protection.
Now, when the market potential is obvious to everyone, other companies want to misappropriate the technologies that we invented and to benefit, for free, from our hard work and innovation.
Mike Love, lead singer and co-founder of the Beach Boys, filed a law-suit in Federal Court against several English companies and London newspaper, The Mail on Sunday, in connection with an alleged fraudulent scheme to misappropriate his name and image, and to infringe on the rights to many of his famous hit songs, including "California Girls," "Good Vibrations," according to Mike Flynn of Flynn & Stillman, Mike Love's attorney.
In the counterclaim, TRMP is requesting declaratory relief because TRMP's Mindset software suite does not infringe upon any VCAT copyrights and does not misappropriate any of VCAT's purported trade secrets.