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We still fully and totally believe Paisley has wrongfully misappropriated our trade secrets.
The judge ordered the key prosecution witness (who prepared the case's main auditing report) to specify in the additional report the amounts which were reportedly misappropriated by M.
11 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- DuPont today filed a lawsuit claiming INVISTA is infringing a DuPont patent and has misappropriated DuPont trade secrets and proprietary information relating to DuPont's nylon engineering resins business.
Understanding how money nominally flows within the entity being investigated was key; this knowledge provided the basis for identifying the transactions in which assets were misappropriated.
According to ACE, the matter was reported by Secretary Food department, who stated that Abdul Sattar Jatoi, originally an employee of education and literacy department and working in food department as Assistant Food Controller (BS-10), on deputation basis, had misappropriated wheat worth millions of rupees.
Greuel, an EIDC board member, had requested an independent audit of the film office in October before EIDC President Cody Cluff resigned under pressure amid accusations that he misappropriated the agency's funds for personal use.
From January 1997 through June 1998, HOOVER misappropriated funds from three clients by instructing the custodian bank to issue checks drawn on the clients' accounts and then forging the clients' signatures on the checks and depositing them in accounts under HOOVER's own control or to payees for his benefit.
Motorola's compliant alleged that ICS had hired the employees to gain access to Motorola technical and business trade secrets and that the departed managers had breached fiduciary duties and misappropriated trade secrets.
91 Legal Scene), an agent for Pacific misappropriated funds that should have been tendered to the insurer, which provided group healthcare to employees of Roosevelt City, Alabama.
The suit, filed in United States District Court for the Central District of California, alleges that the defendants willfully misappropriated the MSF's motorcycle safety and training curriculum materials in connection with the development and publication of Team Oregon's Basic Rider Training (BRT) curriculum materials, and prepared derivative works based on the MSF's copyrighted curricula.
The participants of the long march rallied on foot from Kharan to Quetta against alleged corruption of the district and tehsil nazimeen of Kharan who misappropriated funds of 2007-flood-affected people of the district.
The latest bombshell is that he misappropriated public money to support his apparent romantic relationship with Dawn Keezer, president of the Pittsburgh Film Office.