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Mr Jones said: "While the majority of learners behave well while travelling to and from schools and colleges, there are a small minority who misbehave.
It is always the children who misbehave and cause trouble, pain and distress to others that get rewards.
MISBEHAVE on New Year's Eve and you'll end up seeing the New Year in from the inside of a police cell.
Hordes of teenagers, some known as Emos, hang out in the park at weekends but despite pleas from police not to misbehave, some are still getting drunk and leaving litter.
Danny boy, don't be afraid to shake that ass and misbehave," Dan Gillespie-Sells sings on Twelve Stops and Home.
We praise them and buy them gifts if they are good, and are happy to discipline them when they misbehave.
ELECTRIC dog collars which issue a shock when pets misbehave must be banned, according to a Midland MP.
So it is always possible to start again, to do the right thing again, to not give into temptation or misbehave or neglect responsibilities.
Or who just like watching attractive actresses misbehave.
Giving your staff this kind of mindset also helps their morale by getting them in the habit of looking for the good in children, rather than always looking for them to misbehave or "screw up" in some way.
Treating special education students who misbehave like other students receives strong support among teachers; currently 76 percent say misbehaving special education students are treated too lightly even when misbehavior isn't linked to the disability.