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Hubli (Karnataka) [India], Mar 13 ( ANI ): A 55-year-old women in Karnataka's Hubli taught a lesson to two miscreants who allegedly misbehaved with her on Sunday night.
Nadeem alleged, similarly some days ago, DSP City Azhar Raza Gillani misbehaved with former bar secretary general Aftab Balouch and refused to register a case for torching Aftab Balouch.
Protester allegedly said that Mukhtiarkar Shikarpur namely Zahid Bhatti has occupied Ajrak Club's three rooms without having any document and permission and lamented over the apathy of district administration and in spite of that AC Arbab Shah misbehaved and detained Nasim Bhukari at DC office's police room which is condemnable act.
During the course of hearing of the case, two lawyers misbehaved with Justice Shaukat Aziz Siddiqui.
An air-hostess of IndiGo Airlines was seen in a viral video Monday making two men, who had allegedly misbehaved with her, touch her feet and seek an apology at the Rajiv Gandhi airport in Hyderabad.
As per details, the fake pir called a girl for spiritual treatment in Ferozewala's Chatha Colony, and misbehaved with her.
The FIA had at first issued a statement claiming that the passengers misbehaved with FIA official, Noshila Bibi, at the immigration counter.
The residents also alleged that the African youth had initially misbehaved with people of the locality.
According to the woman's complaint, the solider misbehaved with her between Thrissur and Palakkad railway stations.
We particularly liked the family who asked about cancelling due to their kids having misbehaved.
Fontaine emphasized that kids with high callous-unemotional traits almost always misbehaved regularly.
de reads that the 53-year-old misbehaved about the Sofia-Frankfurt flight, refused to obey the commands of the crew, and the flight captain warned the Airport personnel that he had a passenger who was "out of control.