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A review of councillor conduct and governance has been underway since May 2013 and legislation is now being drafted to be introduced to the Victorian Parliament this year which will give mayors the power to suspend misbehaving councillors.
Adeel Ahmed, 16, said he was hit "once or twice a month" for misbehaving.
Indeed it is a very brave and constructive step taken by officials to rectify the conduct of misbehaving youngsters," said Shabin Hafiz while emphasizing parents' role in shaping the behavior of their children.
The incident closely followed another charge of molestation in the Janshatabdi train on Monday morning, in which an engineering student accused an employee of a police camp of misbehaving with her.
Dear Coleen, I smacked my five-yearold son last week for misbehaving in public.
Misbehaving Mums to Be (BBC Three, 9pm) PART of BBC Three's Bringing Up Britain season, this warm and uplifting series follows a team of midwives as they take pregnant women who binge drink, chain smoke and over-eat and help them get back into shape before they give birth.
Together they create a personalised plan to get these misbehaving mums back in shape for the most important event of their lives.
When an unrelenting penchant for misbehaving joins forces with lack of emotion, guilt and empathy, 7-year-olds are headed for years of severe conduct problems, a long-term study of British youngsters suggests.
The German company Lufthansa has declined to comment officially but has admitted there was an incident with a misbehaving Bulgarian passenger aboard the Sofia-Frankfurt flight.
The four guards were accused of misbehaving in a bar in a seaside resort.
Summary: Youths have attacked an MP who tried to stop them misbehaving in his seaside constituency.
History shows that if you go out and tell 10- and 11-year-olds who are misbehaving to stop misbehaving or you will call the police, they will stop," he said.