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MISBEHAVIOUR. Improper or unlawful conduct. See 2 Mart. N. S. 683.
     2. A party guilty of misbehaviour; as, for example, to threaten to do injury to another, may be bound to his good behaviour and thus restrained. See Good Behaviour.
     3. Verdicts are not unfrequently set aside on the ground of misbehaviour of jurors; as, when the jury take out with them papers which were not given in evidence, to the prejudice of one of the parties. Ld. Raym. 148. When they separate before they have agreed upon their verdict. 3 Day, 237, 310., When they cast lots for a verdict; 2 Lev. 205; or, give their verdict because they have agreed to give it for the amount ascertained by each juror putting down a sum, adding the whole together, and then dividing by twelve the number of jurors, and giving their verdict for the quotient. 15 John. 87. See Bac. Ab. Verdict, H.
     4. A verdict will be set aside if the successful party has been guilty of any misbehaviour towards the jury; as, if he say to a juror, "I hope you will find a verdict for me;" or "the matter is clearly of my side." 1 Vent. 125; 2 Roll. Ab. 716, pl. 17. See Code, 166, 401; Bac. Ab. Verdict, I.

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Umar Farooq while talking to The Nation confirmed suspension of the meter reader on charges of misconduct and misbehaviour with seniors.
Since the lawyers' movement regarding the restoration of judges, highhanded attitude of lawyers has exceeding and incidents of lawyers' misbehaviour are becoming frequent in the country, particularly in Punjab.
Dubai: A new road safety study in the UAE has shown a marked improvement on the roads but the level of motorist misbehaviour is still perceived to be on the higher side.
Currently, punishments pile more pressure on the prison population and worsen overcrowding, which in turn creates conditions for drug abuse, violence and other types of misbehaviour.
Mitigating Routing Misbehaviour in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks," Proc.
Following the incident, PIA spokesperson issued a statement which read, 'Reference media queries regarding alleged misbehaviour of PIA staff in a Paris hotel, Chairman and CEO PIA have taken strict notice of the matter and ordered inquiry into the incident.
Decades of misconduct by the vast majority of Egyptians has led to the false conclusion that misbehaviour is an irreversible Egyptian cultural trait.
And I don't think the short time he's had so far and some of the misbehaviour that's occurred amounts to a reasonable period.
Hence, it is essential to devise a mechanism which is efficient and accurate in detecting routing misbehaviour and alleviates its effect.
Denies charges of misbehaviour and creating disharmony
physical punishment--beating and hitting, punitive strategies--shouting, threatening), inconsistent discipline, and appropriate or alternative discipline such as timeout, ignoring misbehaviour, correction and removal of privileges (AAP 1998; Stormshak et al.
Abdul Ali Haleem told Pajhwok Afghan News that the governor had assured the doctors the individuals involved in misbehaviour would be arrested and punished On Saturday, hospital staff including senior doctors went on strike against security forces' misbehavior and intimidation at the hands of illegal armed individuals.