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Not all reactions or responses of Jamaican caregivers to their children's misbehaviours may be inappropriate, and neither do caregivers only respond to their children's misbehaviours.
The present study builds on the current literature by examining the strategies used by a sample of Jamaican caregivers in response to their aggressive children's misbehaviours as well as desirable behaviours.
Strategies used for responding to children's misbehaviours
The caregivers also used a number of appropriate strategies to handle their children's misbehaviours (Table 2).
Of the child characteristics examined in the logistic regressions, only child's age was significantly associated with specific strategies used for misbehaviours (Table 4).
Caregiver's age, gender, marital status, education, occupation and the housing quality score were significantly associated with specific strategies used for both misbehaviours and good behaviours (Tables 4 & 5).
This paper describes how primary caregivers of a sample of aggressive children responded to their children's misbehaviours and desirable behaviours.
01 for the parents-child variable and adolescent misbehaviour for the parents sub sample.
This study showed that there was a significant difference in parent-child interaction and adolescence misbehaviour based on adolescence sex, parent's ethnicity and adolescent's ethnicity (p < 0.