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Hakluyt's apology for trade with the misbelievers indicates some of the themes which can be discerned in the play.
The reason, he writes, for the global Christian-Muslim tension is that "for [non-Muslim] misbelievers to rule over true believers is blasphemous and unnatural, since it leads to the corruption of religion and morality in society.
Consider Mayor's discussion of the First Crusade: "What was decisive was their [weapons and tactics] sacralization and their use by warriors serving a holy cause and prone or authorized to view their enemies as less-than-human misbelievers deserving of depersonalized killing.
The pro-Catholic bent of this plaint not only buries the horrible immorality of Conde's murderers, it enjoins other noblewomen to lament the troubles perpetuated by Protestantism and ends by begging God to aid the kin g in vanquishing the misbelievers.
To the annoyance of the abstainers he was an instant Java junkie, crying: 'This beverage is so delicious that it would be a sin to let only misbelievers drink it