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The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has been miscalculating copayment amounts for 75 ambulatory payment classification (APC) groups, resulting in $414 million in inaccurate copayments, according to a letter from the General Accounting Office (GAO).
Miscalculating the time could also lead to drivers rushing to compensate for lateness increasing their chances of becoming involved in an accident.
With regular keeper David Matheson getting married on Saturday after miscalculating the end of the season, Wylie stepped in and gave an outstanding display.
The inmate was charged by prison officials with deliberately miscalculating a thread inventory that resulted in a loss of customer orders.
However, incorrectly entering amounts from the tax tables, miscalculating credits for children or dependents, or forgetting to put brackets around negative numbers are other common mathematical errors.
after her investigation disclosed a pattern of miscalculating the amount of interest due life insurance beneficiaries, the Office of the Insurance Commissioner announced today.