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The Ministry of Education announced that the TEOG exam results had been recounted after the miscalculation in a written press statement on its official website on Monday.
We continue to encourage all sides to avoid steps that raise tensions and increase the risk of miscalculations that could undermine peace and stability in the region," the official said, adding that Washington also encourages Tokyo and Beijing to resolve the matter "peacefully through dialogue.
Defending his role, Mr Honohan added: "Was there some moment of opportunity, was there some miscalculation that I or somebody else made that meant we missed out on a point where we could have done something to pull ourselves out of the debt problem?
The gross miscalculation by the soon-to-be ex-consultant was inexcusable, but it is even more alarming that the mistake went undetected by the turnpike employees who were supposed to be checking the figures.
But in what can only be considered a huge plot miscalculation, Guest and company don't go after any of that.
Such a doomsday scenario could result from an accidental missile launch, a system error, or a miscalculation.
The miscalculation of statistical significance for one analysis, while unfortunate, in no way alters any of our conclusions.
miscalculation in Iraq is a result of hubris given intellectual legitimacy and cover by Lewis and his acolyte Fouad Ajami.
When required to cut lengths of trim seal and manually bond gaskets using quick set adhesives, the opportunity for miscalculation and human error is said to be presented, which can result in wasted time and product.
IF the Kings Dock provides 5, 000 places in its car park and the proposed arena development is to build a 10, 000-seater arena and 1, 350-capacity conference centre, with total parking spaces for the three elements reduced to 1, 600 spaces, it doesn't seem to need rocket science to conclude there is a miscalculation being made by someone.
The court noted that the director investigated the circumstances around the inmate's multiple arrests after he was notified of a possible miscalculation, and notified the inmate in two separate correspondences that he was unable to change the period of the sentence by crediting time served.
A bad miscalculation has her on the run, friendless and alone once again, trying to get vital information to the Queen before it's too late.