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Asked to comment on the development that took place last week in waters off the Japanese-administered Senkaku Islands, State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said, "With regard to the reports of this particular lock-on incident, actions such as this escalate tensions and increase the risk of an incident or a miscalculation.
Jalili said that one of their big mistakes about Iran, since the Islamic revolution in 1979, was that "they have made miscalculations several times.
It estimates that the figure will be made up of pounds 104 million in fines for forms that are returned after the January 31 deadline, as well as pounds 319 million in fines for miscalculations relating to the amount of tax owed.
Although miscalculations have been estimated at hundreds of millions of yen, the company has managed to keep away from overbilling any customers, it said.
The error began as an apparent miscalculation by the consultant that did the number-crunching on toll-hike options considered by the authority board, the Boston Herald reports.
For instance, although most individual AMT returns are prepared by paid preparers, IRS audit data of a subset of taxpayers indicate that AMT miscalculations on individual returns resulted in net overpayments to the government by these taxpayers of $50 million in 1988.
Over the past four years, the national environmental groups have made two fundamental political miscalculations.
He knew his contemporaries would resist these results, so Kepler gave his reader what was supposedly a step-by-step description of the calculations and miscalculations he had made as he meandered his way toward solving the problems posed by his attempt to map the orbit of Mars.
Federal regulators from the FSLIC (Federal Savings & Loan Insurance Corporation) have discovered that consumers are overpaying on their adjustable rate mortgages by more than $8 billion as a result of interest rate miscalculations.
There were plenty of intelligence miscalculations and blunders, as the Kahan investigating commission reported.
Here are some of the more common marketing miscalculations prevalent in our industry.