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That sword still hangs--and we still live in a world of accidents and miscalculations, a world still capable of madness.
Any attempt to interfere with freedom of overflight in international airspace raises regional tensions and increases the risk of miscalculation, confrontation, and unintended incidents," Psaki said during the daily press briefing.
He advised the Turkish officials who have fought against Syria due to "their incorrect analysis" to avoid blaming Iran and Hezbollah for their miscalculations.
The United States on Tuesday expressed concern over a recent incident in which a Chinese warship locked its weapon-targeting radar on a Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force destroyer in the East China Sea, saying such an action increases the risk of miscalculation and could undermine peace.
He warned some members of the P5+1, namely the United States, Britain, France, China and Russia plus Germany, to be careful about their remarks ahead of the nuclear talks slated for May 23 in the Iraqi capital, and do not make any miscalculations about Iran, implying that the Islamic republic will insist on its nuclear rights based on Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT).
In order to prevent miscalculations being made, the time is right now for the Iranians to take the opportunity that it is being presented to be thoroughly open about its programme and to convince the world that it only has peaceful intentions for its nuclear activities.
It estimates that the figure will be made up of pounds 104 million in fines for forms that are returned after the January 31 deadline, as well as pounds 319 million in fines for miscalculations relating to the amount of tax owed.
The company found the miscalculations as a customer making an inquiry about fees last Saturday complained that fees were excessive, KDDI said.
If those employees are incapable of detecting even such gross miscalculations, what possible justification can there be for keeping them on the payroll?
They also look set to hand over pounds 308million in fines for miscalculations and pounds 21million in surcharges for unpaid tax from previous years.
Thanks to recent technological advances, insurers have access to strong safety nets that can save them from miscalculations which might plunge them and their companies into poor results or worse.
War, as Bush might say in his own, inarticulate way, is ``hard work'' - miscalculations, oversights and the unexpected are inevitable.