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The results of the project--knowing how to best correct miscall errors for Katie allowed us to make better recommendations for her schooling and allowed us to provide her with higher quality clinical services.
My heart will sigh when I miscall it so, Which finds it an enforced pilgrimage.
On the whole, there was nothing blatant to show Wednesday that Jackson had lost anything from his understated, yet powerful delivery - even when he made a miscall on a missed PAT by Texas after its first touchdown and didn't quite correctly read the sponsored trivia question about repeat Rose Bowl MVPs.
We did miscall the nature of war in Afghanistan and Iraq, and we do not seem to have much of a strategy for dealing with Islamic insurgency beyond hoping that democracy takes hold in some pretty unlikely spots.
Among the guest speakers at these conferences have been Anthony Atkinson, Boris Fedorov, Roman Frydman, Yegor Gaidar, Alexander Livshits, and Andreu miscall and many others.
Baseball has no plans for replay either--the teams are apparently willing to live with the occasional miscall as part of the game.
Steven Martin Miscall, 39, of Drumawillin Park, who is accused of causing grievous bodily harm with intent and resisting arrest, was freed on his own bail of pounds 750 with a surety of pounds 750 and ordered to stay out of Ballycastle.
Although they retracted the call a short time later, many Gore partisans believe that second miscall gave the Bush claim of victory a "sense of legitimacy.
Your relatives should know better than to miscall him in front of you.