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The results of the project--knowing how to best correct miscall errors for Katie allowed us to make better recommendations for her schooling and allowed us to provide her with higher quality clinical services.
Rosenstiel said he doubts whether there's enough commitment by the networks to spend the money necessary to reinforce their news organizations to try to prevent a repeat of the election 2000 miscalls.
At this point, the anonymous voice addressing them asks: "how's this wall, the great wall, which we call, perhaps miscall, civilization, to be built by [.
Steven Martin Miscall, 39, of Drumawillin Park, who is accused of causing grievous bodily harm with intent and resisting arrest, was freed on his own bail of pounds 750 with a surety of pounds 750 and ordered to stay out of Ballycastle.
Although they retracted the call a short time later, many Gore partisans believe that second miscall gave the Bush claim of victory a "sense of legitimacy.
As the pageant continues, Miss La Trobe looses her theatrical minions on the crowd with all manner of reflective surfaces in order to show the gathered what she refers to as "Present Time: Ourselves"; during this episode, she asks a question through her loudspeaker that certainly applies to the modernist project in general: "How s this wall, the great wall, which we call, perhaps miscall, civilization, to be built by (here the mirrors flicked and flashed) orts, scraps and fragments like ourselves?
Your relatives should know better than to miscall him in front of you.
Aided and abetted by Mark Dickson, he cut through the Ports defence, and rolled a gem past the stranded Miscall.
And why couldn't Jones miscall this race and let Pre win (or did we give away a key element to non-sports moviegoers)?
Structural variant detection requires additional specialized software and is generally prone to much higher miscall rates than SNP and small indel calling software.
Accuracy rates were similar for wild-type and heterozygous samples, although the miscall rates were slightly higher in samples with rare homozygous variants and largely driven by a single probe (CYPlA2starlK-164CA) that accounted for 4 of the 7 miscalled rare homozygous samples.
After a miscall from his father, MacMac called back and told him he was being pulled out for a mission to Maguindanao.