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Stewart and Meikle's The Poetical Miscellany retailed at 1s.
Two new performers have recently joined the Miscellany family.
The Miscellany is associated with the Carthusians who were devoted to the practice of silence and who "sought to institute an exceptionally strict monastic isolation" (33); Carthusians were allowed books in their cells, and they made books ("preaching with their hands").
Miscellany lay at its heart, articulating reading, writing and publication in ways that challenged even as they converged with the operations of a periodical literary sphere equally shaped by what Leah Price has dubbed "a culture of the excerpt" (Anthology and the Rise of the Novel 5).
In his forward to A Rural Miscellany, Lloyd writes, 'Provocative, prophetic and at times unashamedly passionate, this collection of articles is rewarding in so many ways.
A Tyneside and Northumberland Miscellany is an eclectic collection of information that will surprise and entertain.
Cleaver recounts much of this harrowing adventure in his best-seller Soul on Ice;, and in this recent collection, which is a miscellany of his writings, we encounter a few of these exciting tales again.
Schott, of course, was the young man behind the hugely successful Schott's Original Miscellany and the equally popular subsequent miscellanies, Food And Drink and Sporting, Gaming And Idling.
Spectre's A Mariner's Miscellany (1574-091956, $19.
excerpt from "Untimely Death of Musicians", page 28, Schott's Original Miscellany by Ben Schott
He also continues to employ images of his own studio interior and the miscellany of small objects to be found there.
Also successful were Schott's Original Miscellany in the UK top 10 since 2002 and Schott's Food and Drink Miscellany, published in November.