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We applied another criterion that minimized the number of misclassifications.
3) The study acknowledges, however, that depending on the specific circumstances, misclassification may provide artificial advantages to the business, to the service provider, or to both.
A massive new Misclassification Initiative launched by the IRS and U.
Without prototyping, retailers typically handle personal property taxes by manually going through a list and attempting to identify misclassifications and errors.
This challenge has resulted in large tax, penalty and interest assessments for misclassification of workers, even when appropriate information returns have been filed and the workers have reported the income and paid their tax.
TAC Worldwide, a leading provider of high-impact contingent workforce solutions in information technology and engineering, today announced it has reached a consent agreement with the United States Department of Labor resolving the inadvertent misclassification of non-exempt employees as exempt "computer professionals" under the Fair Labor Standards Act.
Without formal notice, the Service has suspended approval of Form 3115 applications to correct prior misclassifications of property if a negative Sec.
Another post provides four tips on how to prevent misclassification of employees.
The decision to restate financials was the result of the need to correct a non-cash accounting misclassification dating back to 2001 based on consolidation differences, as well as non-material recorded and unrecorded adjustments, which are expected to collectively and cumulatively reduce equity by approximately $225--$240 million.
This eliminates misclassifications, which are common with legacy port-based filtering solutions.
These misclassifications did not have any impact on the Division's actual cash accounts or cash flows.
The aggregate effect of the misclassifications AIG has identified to date was to increase reported net investment income over the period from 2000 through 2004 by approximately four percent.