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The ideological misconstructions of reality whereby God becomes a function of man are not only found in The God Delusion, but also in Feuerbach's "Psychology of Projection.
Numerous misconstructions of psychological events may be attributed to the fact that some such systems figure more prominently in one event than another.
The illusion of progress in the Arab world; a critique of Western misconstructions.
The misconstructions of the inner city cause me to cry out because the complexities of people of color and the economically impoverished, who routinely challenge, reframe, and overcome deficit notions are unknown to many of my peers.
Misconstructions are rare complications that are typically seen after surgical revisions, rather than after the primary surgery.
They are obviously related to some of the major things the play is thinking about: they mull over the reconstructions and misconstructions of the past through memory and anecdote, as Shallow's and Falstaff 's memories cast up quite different versions of the past.
Her paper interrogates the constructions and misconstructions of Lesbian Studies since it had been proposed by scholars such as Jeri Wine in the early 1980s.
Skinner's radical behaviorism: Historical misconstructions and grounds for feminist reconstructions.
It is perhaps too obvious to point out that Congress in the CRA of 1991 amended Title VII, rather than the Supreme Court's misconstructions of Title VII.
Occupying the two final chapters of volume 1, it serves simultaneously as climax of the narrative of Anne's withdrawal from life and Wentworth's wilful misconstructions, and as turning point from early winter to "second spring" (124), from passivity to action, from proud anger to generous uncertainty.
The human mind, she observes, possesses "a complex archaeology" (36) in which deeply-buried beliefs, false assumptions and misconstructions all play roles.