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The pupils can make some miscues intentionally or unintentionally during reading; these miscues may arise due to many different reasons in addition to word recognition.
Table 1 summarises selected miscues and provides insight into their possible sources.
There are miscues that do little damage to meaning construction, just as there are miscues that significantly disrupt meaning.
Are there differences in the scores on composition and the frequency of miscues of students who were the highest and lowest achievers?
Miscue Analysis is a procedure which involves collecting three pools of data which when taken together provide a detailed forensic picture of the strategies and cognitive understandings students employ to read (Goodman, Watson & Burke, 2005).
Over the course of those meetings 24 miscues were examined and discussed in-depth.
Miscues are common to every reader irrespective of their reading ability (Davenport, 2002).
His miscue on that one went for an error and left the Angels with no outs instead of two.
Day blamed a problem with his cue tip for the miscue on the pink, which saw the cue ball bounce over the pink into the pocket.
I became interested in Retrospective Miscue Analysis (RMA) as a process which gives readers an opportunity to see their own miscues and build upon their strengths.
The book devotes a chapter to each of three miscue analysis procedures.
Paying the price for not being adventurous enough,Llanfairpwll were left to rue a pair of first-half miscues by new-signing Neil Hughes and Gareth Roberts, who steered shots wide from promising positions.