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To so argue is not merely to misdescribe America's strategic situation.
153) Arguments for impossible things and arguments that misdescribe both the text and the history, however, are entitled to no credence.
at 294-95 (giving examples of instances where the supposed principle of neutrality can misdescribe legal outcomes and mask bias).
Our troops force protection in my view is undermined by people who misdescribe the level of protection they actually have.
Recognizing them as exemplars is not equally open to everyone; those being badly habituated and those of bad character are likely to misjudge or misdescribe the excellent person.
People misdescribe things, or they don't have the serial numbers, and we can't always match them up.
particular kinds of policy response, but sometimes misdescribe what is
In large part, existing research in this area consists of either empirically based work arguing that traditional accounts of judicial supremacy misdescribe American politics, or theoretical and normative analyses of why judicial supremacy is a flawed or desirable basis for a system of constitutional interpretation.
Ignoring these kinds of differences means that the master category will, whatever its definition, seriously misdescribe many of the people in it.
31); misdescribes Rand as disagreeing with those who "supported private charity undertaken voluntarily" (p.
Teck disappoints because it fails to engage in a principled discussion of the "softer alternative" and actually misdescribes it throughout the discussion of it.
She confuses her Washington think tank publications, for example; she describes the Justice Department's Office of Legal Counsel as containing "many" political appointees; she wrongly describes the law of domestic intelligence collection; she misquotes the Convention Against Torture and misdescribes the requirements of the Geneva Conventions.