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The Property Misdescriptions Act 1991 makes it an offence to make false or misleading statements in the course of estate agency business when advertising property for sale.
DNA testing of products previously found by the authorities in Eire to contain undeclared animal derived collagen has been repeated, resulting in further adverse results and confirmation of misdescriptions.
Among the tricks regularly employed are bending the rules of the Property Misdescriptions Act - a flat above a chip shop, for example, is described as being close to local amenities and the term `room for improvement' is used to describe a complete dump.
Having considered the most frequent criticisms of single-subject experimentation, it is important to consider the consequences of these misdescriptions.
Although the Property Misdescriptions Act 1991 was brought in to ensure that agents were factually accurate, flowery language still persists.
BUSINESS WIRE)--May 19, 1995--Air Express International Corporation (NASDAQ symbol "AEIC") today announced that it has been advised by the office of the United States Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois that, although no final decision has been made, consideration is being given to charging the Company with violations of the federal Export Administration Act and False Statements Act for alleged misdescriptions in export documents relating to eight international shipments originating from Chicago's O'Hare Airport between June, 1990 and January, 1991.
The Property Misdescriptions Act rules that estate agents have to be scrupulously honest in their descriptions of a house, so atmosphere isn't something you read about.
The Property Misdescriptions Act 1991 does not refer to haunted houses, but it does create a general duty to avoid making false or misleading statements.
Their lawyer said legally it was too late to do anything but the couple complained to trading standards, who charged Goodfellow under the Property Misdescriptions Act.
And while it might turn out to be a marketing tool, agents were much more worried about being caught under the Property Misdescriptions Act.
He said: "Under the Property Misdescriptions Act we have a duty of care to our customers, not only as to what we are building, but what is happening in adjoining fields.