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The Miserere Mei also resonated with the space in which it was first performed, the Sistine Chapel.
He aqui lo que demuestra la dificultad de la proeza de Mozart al cantar el Miserere: cuentan que el emperador Leopoldo i, quien no solamente amaba la musica sino que el mismo era un buen compositor, pidio al Papa, a traves de su embajador, una copia del Miserere de Allegri para ejecutarlo en la Capilla Imperial de Viena.
IN MY OWN SPIRITUAL LIFE I pray the Miserere during my morning walk as a kind of walking meditation.
Ejemplos que extraje del Panis vivus: Panis vivus, qui de coelo descendiste, miserere nobis.
Romanza (PolyGram 533991-2-24) es una coleccion que incluye los quince mejores cortes registrados por esta voz que silba desde el mar de Liguria: Por ti volare, Caruso, El silencio de la espera, Rapsodia, Miserere (con John Miles), Vivo por ella (con Maria Sanchez), Vivire (con Geraldina Trovato) y Con te Partiro, acompanado de Sarah Brightman).
The moody and idiosyncratic style of Zelenka is captured in an effective performance of his Miserere.
Which composer famously transcribed Allegri's Miserere from memory at the age of 14?
Declaracion del Salmo 50, Miserere mei, Deus, Guadarrama: Revista Agustiniana, 2014, 200 pp.
Miserere is the Latin word (have mercy) for the psalm on the third Sunday.
The programme's highlights include what is being billed as an "unmissable new version" of Allegri's Miserere which transports its listeners "through an evolutionary journey of musical history and discovery.
They include one of the most famous sacred works in history - Allegri's Miserere - sung by leading choral ensemble The Sixteen who are coming to Coventry on Thursday as part of their Choral Pilgrimage 2013.
THE STORM The tempest rages wild and high, The waves lift up their voices and cry Fierce answers to the angry sky,-- Miserere Domine.