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Squadron Leader Dave Williams from RAF Valley said: "The four separate controlled demolitions will involve smoke flares which misfired during search and rescue operations.
The highly hyped Downtown in Dogtown festival misfired under mysterious circumstances.
Last week the Defence Logistics Organisation provoked fury among the Royal Marines for alleging that the SA80 rifles jammed and misfired in Afghanistan because troops had not cleaned them properly.
Fab's attempts at gamesmanship looked to have badly misfired when Turkish international Izzet rolled a penalty kick into an empty net as Barthez deliberately cleared mud off his boots at the far post.
Of course he hadn't, but it's all he could say after his attempt to jump on a flaming bandwagon of anger had so spectacularly misfired.
But the semi-automatic pistol misfired, saving the man from death or serious injury, police said.
Luke's Medical Center in Chicago describes a near-fatal episode in which a 72-year-old man's implanted defibrillator-pacemaker misfired under the influence of an acoustomagnetic portal and temporarily shut off his heart.
The author, a political scientist and anthropologist at Yale, sets out to discover why so many well-intentioned efforts at social engineering in the twentieth century have misfired so dramatically.
The timing of the Tate show seems to have misfired - the gallery was virtually empty on my last visit - leaving Kossoff dangling between an honorable, circumscribed past and an uncertain future.
Terry shot Broderick after the Senator's gun misfired and Broderick died days later in San Francisco.