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The Misfit also knows this and seeing her attempt to beguile him is completely self-serving only increases his contempt for her words.
In another letter, O'Connor called the Misfit a "spoiled prophet" who "could go on to great things.
Of course, the only thing we like better than a misfit is a misfit underdog.
Misfit 21 and 22, a section of HMLA-169 AH-1W Cobras, in support of Operation Phantom Fury/Al-Fajr, launched for their fourth sortie of the day at 1428.
For Iris new work, The Island of Misfit Toys, he's selected music by maverick rocker Lou Reed.
The Misfit orders the murders because the Grandmother has, foolishly, recognized and named him, and also to steal the family's car.
This experience of women as an anomaly or misfit in patriarchal order is a familiar part of our Wise Woman's gifts.
The focus is on the interaction between organizational misfit and the other causes of organizational performance.
Rudolph and his friends go to a place called the Island for Misfit Toys.
para]]Welcoming to the Stage a Case Study on the Strategic Partnership Between Coca-Cola & Misfit Wearables, Visionary Speakers from the World's Top Companies and Rumble's Unveiling of their New Product[[/para]]
The exclusive collection of two new wearable products and nine unique, sparkling accessories was developed and designed by Swarovski and Misfit, maker of wearable and smart home products.
com)-- Misfit, makers of Shine, today announced its second wearable product, Misfit Flash, a versatile and easy-to-use fitness and sleep monitor.