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107) Palmer held "[f]irst, came the vision and determination of a few politicians who believed there was a better way to look after victims of misfortunate and who wanted to see that policies to that end were developed then came the practice and technical task to devising the policies and having them implemented.
When the compassionate response occurs reliably and results in committed assistance to the misfortunate, the emotion tends toward virtue.
Established in the first half of the 19th century, in which poverty was bitter and widely prevalent, these societies aimed at the poor and the misfortunate, out of philantropical interest on the one hand and fear of the threat that emanated from the lower echelons of society on the other hand.
They are both responsible for a misfortunate and sad totalitarian experiment And Gruveski intends to take full advantage of the similarity to legitimize his policies.
The tyrant is the most disordered and misfortunate man of all, afflicted by a lust for power that breaks his soul into multiple erotic afflictions.
Heretofore, we were in a great measure ignorant of the time at which death took place; and the practitioner, imagining the child alive, from want of satisfactory evidence of its death, delayed interfering, until his patient was in the greatest possible danger; whereas , had he been assured the child was dead, he would have delivered her before life became actually hazarded, and thus prevented her not only enduring for hours, but even days in some instances, the most torturing pain, the result of which continued suffering was not infrequently death, or what was perhaps worse than death, extensive sloughing of the urethra or of the recto-vaginal septum, establishing a communication between these two cavities, reducing the misfortunate sufferer to a state of extreme misery .
Compassion for the misfortunate and poor associated with the medieval image of Christ transformed into the prevention and even fear of possible contamination by evil embodied in these beings excluded from civilisation.
Indiana's Constitution of 1851 as originally adopted replaced the mandatory language of the Indiana Constitution of 1816 with the authorization language of "county boards shall have power to" provide for farms as asylums for the misfortunate, which was in turn amended in 1984 to provide that "counties may" provide for farms as asylums for the misfortunate.
Melbourne, May 19 (ANI): The last time Victoria's Secret angel Miranda Kerr shot for a racy GQ photoshoot, a misfortunate Australian banker almost lost his job.
I had a misfortunate role in a misfortunate war in a misfortunate country.
These women warned Ndschoa that they would take their revenge on the nganga if misfortunate befell anyone on the journey.
On the contrary, other misfortunate farmers, planners and strategy designers chose to progress on the same way of the global crisis as if such a crisis did not appear at all.