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This is an excellent illustration of the regime's character, which has changed little in the 46 years it has misgoverned the country.
As John Stuart Mill put it precisely while urging women's suffrage, "Men, as well as women, do not need political right in order that they may govern, but in order that they not be misgoverned.
If New York State is not misgoverned, it is surely overgoverned--an expensive sport New Yorkers excel at.
You only need to think back to Thatcher's time, when the evil old witch headed the most Orwellian government we've ever had the misfortune to be misgoverned by.
Ankara's ongoing modernization and painstaking integration with Europe provide a crucial example to the largely misgoverned Muslim world: that a secular state can be the path to prosperity, not hell.
as misgoverned by its Chairman Donald Smith and its board of directors.
Curzon wrote in an early book on Persia that "the normal Asiatic would sooner be misgoverned by Asiatics than well governed by Europeans.
Taking their stand on the second plank of the platform for union, namely, that Cyprus was misgoverned, the Orthodox members had chosen logically to obstruct good government by refusing, as on so many former occasions, to co-operate with the administration in remedial measures, and once again in the history of their obstruction in the vital sphere of finance the necessary legislation had been passed by Royal Order.
From 1964 to 1991, the country was misgoverned by its president Kenneth Kaunda.
Remember Mullah Omar, leader of the Taliban, the Islamist movement that misgoverned the failed state of Afghanistan from 1996 to 2001?
It responds to "pull" factors--humanitarian concern, coupled with fear that anarchic or misgoverned societies may export threats and instability in the form of violence, terror, weapons of mass destruction, or destabilizing flows of refugees--and "push" factors, such as commercial interest, the desire of ruling elites to dominate their country's strategic environment, or an ideological "civilizing mission" aimed at upholding human rights or spreading democracy.
Because, as economist and philosopher John Stuart Mill explained in an 1861 essay, every adult citizen knows best what is in his or her interest: "Men, as well as women, do not need political tights in order that they may govern, but in order that they not be misgoverned.