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Biernacki argues that social scientists engage in a ritual process of coding, whereby they misguidedly transform scientifically gathered "facts" into sociological "ultimate meanings.
The fundamentally decent Jimmy Carter misguidedly and naively imagined face-to-face encounters with fellow world leaders could generate entirely reasonable solutions based on mutual trust.
He said some were too frightened to report it, some misguidedly thought they were "hard men" and wanted to sort it out themselves.
In particular, the retailer misguidedly emphasized the much-maligned Ionic Breeze air purifier.
I even have lingering but great affection for some of the obvious Tudor failures, such as his Knight Errant for David Wall, misguidedly based on Les Liaisons Dangereuses.
Actually, "House" even tried, misguidedly, a similar narrative, with that lame Sela Ward story line.
Believing, misguidedly as it turned out, that the Yavari had been built by her great grandfather, Alfred Yarrow, Meriel Larken resolved to rescue the vessel and, on behalf of a charitable foundation, bought her from the Peruvian Navy.
The planners believed, misguidedly, that the highway would provide for future growth.
Either infantile, megalomaniacal, or both, Muehl seems misguidedly convinced that his excrement holds special power.
I always enjoy the reports by Monsignor Foy, who so ably defends Catholic morality, despite the efforts of the Canadian theological experts who held such sorry sway over Canadian bishops, when our pastors misguidedly issued their 1968 Winnipeg Statement.
Many families misguidedly surrender their children to distant relatives or religious teachers who then exploit the children.
Seven phases in the female Faust phenomenon are elaborated: the demonic seductress version; the eternally striving variant; the repentant lover; the misguidedly emancipated model; the perfect woman; the rejuvenated beauty; and the modern witch.