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After discussing in careful detail the scholarly literature dealing with the above mentioned misidentifications, Mykytiuk sets out his eleven criteria for linking inscriptional names with biblical persons based upon three diagnostic questions: Question I: How reliable are the inscriptional data?
There have clearly been two misidentifications and nobody can be certain that there have not been further misidentifications.
TEI rejects that rationale and submits that the temporary and proposed rule inappropriately penalizes misidentifications caused by good faith disputes about whether a position constitutes a hedge.
30 The IRS should also consider adopting a similar reasonable cause exception for misidentifications under section 1256ff)(1).
FDLE Commissioner Gerald Bailey, a member of the commission, said: "You inferred we lead the country in misidentifications.
Thirteenth Circuit Public Defender Julianne Holt, of Tampa, told the commission: "We cannot any longer say there is no problem in the area of wrongful convictions by eyewitness misidentification.
Colon, told the judge in their opening statements that their clients had been wrongly accused based on misidentifications.